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WordPress App for iPhone: Blog Returned Invalid Data

I don’t have much time blogging on my desktop although I did use it a lot. So I consider mobile blogging essential for my activity. When Automattic released their first WordPress App for iPhone I was very exited and download it right away. Sure why not, it’s totally free anyway :). It even comes in more handy when Automattic announced they also pampering wordpress.org user to manage their blog from this…

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Related Posts Plugin [Updated]

I’ve been using nRelate Related Content and very satisfied with their feature. However, since last 6 posts it’s stop working. I don’t know why. But I figure that perhaps I should Re-index the plugin. Big mistake! Because as I hit the Re-index button and wait for 2 hours as they suggested…the plugin crashed. Meaning, it stays in the Re-indexing stage and doesn’t show anything on my front-end. So I submit…

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My Themelog

Hello there 🙂 First of all..I build this category as a personal reminder of what i did during the site-building period. I’m not an expert and i get easily lost in all that code jungle, so this log is a must for me. But by the time i finished making this blog and the library room, i simply forget all little details! hah ^^; I know, i shud’ve take note…

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