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EF: story of my life

Just when the video end, there it goes…a clue of what is it about. Turns out the vid is part of EF (English First) campaign showing us a simulation of our success several years from now, if we sign up to EF. All we have to do is choose : [Buat Film Baru], then it will lead us to a form where we upload our pic and write our names. After that we will have to wait for the video to load. Don’t worry it didn’t take long in my lousy connection

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remy the rabbit

most of the time, anip-chan get so hard to sleep. he can never close his eyes under 10 pm. but he loves stories, so I usually made-up one or two stories to help him close his eyes. this is one of them.I used to tell him about this Rabbit in a hopping rhyme or just sing it while we cuddle in bed..he likes it so much 🙂

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