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Me, Myself & Mini Rex

4 months ago I was in panic attack trying to find perfect mini-sewing machine for my projects. Yes, after decades jumping around needles with barehands, I finally say “okay, I think I want a faster, easier, tidier sewing. hmm..” So I ran for it. Why mini? while I already own an industrial machine plus one twenty years-old singer machine that my mom never thought of teaching me how-to (Er…no, this is not a curcol hihi), I cannot use them. Not that I haven’t try, but…yes, I haven’t try :p

Then my oh-so-crazy mind naively thought a hand operated mini-sewing machine won’t hurt my guts. Since I will only have to turn it on, run my fabrics to it and voila! Project is done :p. Not so true. But I will get to it later…

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