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Hanif’s First PBL Presentation

Anipchan, or Hanif as he rather be called, is in Junior High now. His first few months at Cendekia Muda, his now school, painted with various colours. Some dark some bright, but he grow past it and I am more than proud that this only-child mature up so well he even manage to handle his own problems. Fast-forward to this half semester, he is given a task to build a model…

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elementary story: this two first months

Anipchan is in elementary now. Long story short, he had a normal transition between kindergarten & elementary. Having a small difficulties trying to adapt his new environment. Solitude moments, attention-seeker phase, & all that mambo-jumbo. He’s a smooth social attendance though. In the first two weeks, he already make friends from within his class to even his seniors. And just like his kindergarten time, now he also known for his devotion to Ultraman. Hence, being called Ultraman by his closest fellows….

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