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Vintage Frame for Dhecil

Dhecil is my best friend, and she’s getting married last January. Months before, she made it clear that four of us should come no matter what. So we planned things ahead. But only after few days before her wed, she asked me to designed a frame for her wedding souvenir…Wha??!

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Owl Pendant

I don’t know when do I start loving Owl so much…maybe since it’s so easy to make other than any other animals out there, has a certain old-retro-vintage ambiance on it too. And just like Rabbit, Owl can be easily transform into such an old mysterious magical creature, vintage icon, then easily flip to cutie-pie character *tee-hee*

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Hello Wedding Mug

Last November my cousin Rahmi got married. She asked me to draw her an illustration fr her merchandise. So I made her two figures representing her & her fiancée. At first I’m afraid she’s not gonna like it. Turns out she likes it! Congratulation dear..hope you blissful new life 🙂

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