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‘facebook like’ button & free wordpress, the drama

Up til today, I am mostly happy with my Wordpress feature. I mean, yes wp is definitely not as customizable as their fella blogger, but I never like too much accessories anyway so wp fit me best. Talking bout basic feature…at least wp give as much access to sharing button and to my favorite: Facebook Like button.

Prior to wp update, adding a Facebook Like button into post is as easy as a clap, all you have to do is choose between icons in [sharing] menu and just drag the chosen icon into tray. Of course, you’ll need extra work if then you would like to add Facebook Share button as well. But still, it is easy. With that few step wp will automatically add a button on my posts and I will be able to few who likes or share my post too. Some of my previous posts has had few numbers on them and I really grateful. Sometimes by looking at the numbers on Facebook Like button give me another reason as well as passion to write more.

And now………it’s gone.

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read it once, then read it again

Heiya there! So exited to find a new reading pleasure! Woops, i mean eyepleasure coz it sure provide lots and lots of alluring review & yummy pics. Guessed already? Wait until you visit his blogshare. Owh yes, i wanna stay there fo’evah (^ะท^)-โ˜† What? No~ there wont be any url rite now. Will feature it in my second net-worthy websites later. Whoaa~ cant wait! ๐Ÿ˜€

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EF: story of my life

Just when the video end, there it goes…a clue of what is it about. Turns out the vid is part of EF (English First) campaign showing us a simulation of our success several years from now, if we sign up to EF. All we have to do is choose : [Buat Film Baru], then it will lead us to a form where we upload our pic and write our names. After that we will have to wait for the video to load. Don’t worry it didn’t take long in my lousy connection

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loncat loncat: the clues

Beberapa hari lalu dengan sukses ketularan @chioo main game loncat loncat bikinannya benakribo. Ini sih gamenya mirip parampa atau matibeku, tipe-tipe riddle online. Tugas kita mencari clue-clue dan memecahkan teka-teki atau riddle-nya benakribo itu. Gampang-gampang susah..sebel-sebel gemes…tapi nagih. Yaaa gitu deh, akhirnya lumayan ngabisin waktu dan kuota im2 yang seiiprit ini, tapi puassss banget pas berhasil sampe check point satu di riddle level #22 ๐Ÿ™‚

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