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gastronomy aficionado

 Hey there! Didn’t I promise you something? Somewhere around..May? xixi..well it’s almost 3months since and I just realize I haven’t made that promise yet. Sorryy… Okay so without prolonging my babble..-i know, i’ve been babblin alot lately- I simply gonna take you back to May 2 when I said I found an eyepleasure that keeps me reading on and on and on. It is true, I still read it with…

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green cake & coffee

All the small cakes cost me IDR 16000 while brownies & such tagged around IDR 45000; pancake is about IDR 26900; waffles go a little low with IDR 24 sumtin’ and the opera is about IDR 250000, all plus 10% tax. Oh and there are also many other choice from the salty piece such as croissants and breads, starting from IDR 7900. Beverages is rather easy, a brewed cappuccino or cookies creme cost about IDR 14900 (+ 10% tax) while regular fruit tea is around IDR 10900 (+tax). A sip of any other frappes will cost you around IDR 15900-19900 (+tax). Very reasonable price for an afternoon delight, I think.

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