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Siska Knoch Blog

It was one hot-dry day in Bandung when Chika text me asking if I can pimp her blog (I like the way she calls it: Pimp her blog!). It was almost Ramadhan so I said I can’t promise to finish it as soon, but she said it’s okay. So there goes my next web project!

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The Yellow Dino

Project Date: October 2013 The Yellow Dino first known as the Yellow Ranger from Ranger Bastards. A group of 5 talented street artists, one of pioneer around that era. Now he is famous for being one of the most prolific, continuously evolving visual artist of Bandung, Indonesia. He wants his website new-look to be minimalist, take focus only and only on his works. The magic is in the white background…

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My Tummy Toys

Project Date: ETA January 2013 My Tummy Toys is urban toy company slash factory established in Bandung, Indonesia. Though come from a seemingly quiet, fashion-mode driven city, My Tummy Toys has fans around the globe. With list of street and urban artists under their hood, My Tummy Toys definitely bloom into one of few anticipated toys company within Asia. Their website fully accomplished their idea about Indonesian toy scene. Simple…

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