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Rena made stuff

Hoodie Boots

Five years ago, I would def say no to this kinda shoes. Not that I don’t like it…mostly because I’m too shy to wear it here in Indonesia. But hey, there’s always a start for everything right? I choose the start on Feb. At the time I was browsing my outfit and thought nothing’s good enough to wear. Then my mind mumbling…why don’t add a touch of boots?? Boots always…

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Easy Fabric Pouch

I’m a big fan of pouch. But I don’t really have a nice cosmetic pouch to carry around. So I decided to sew my own pouch using scrap fabric I found at Tamim. Since I can’t use any sewing machine, I hand-sew this pouch so it’s a little messy *sob* Anyway, it’s an easy pouch you can make in no fuss. I only need about half-hour to hand-sew this myself.…

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Ultradino Rainbow Cake

June is always a blissful month, cause Papadino was born in June :). Every year I try making something different to celebrate his birthday. This year, anipchan has grown so big he can actually help me crafting stuff. When I said I wanna bake something, he rushed to show me a picture of his favorite cake. The recently hype Rainbow Cake! Okay, that shuddabe easy..just bake regular cake & add…

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Owl Sock-plushies

Hari ini anipchan & ndai coba bikin plushies dari kaus kaki bekas. Anipchan semangat banget! Sampe motong2, lem, masukin dakron..semua mau sendiri hihi. Waktu ndai bantu buatin pola sayap anipchan bilang gini “yang rapi ya ndaiii~” gayanyaaa. Oya kebeneran plushies ini ga butuh jait2 ko. Cuma sebelah kaus kaki bekas, gunting, dakron, felt aneka warna, sama lem. Gampaang deh bikinnya. Dan yang penting anipchan seneng banget 😉 Begitu selesai, anipchan langsung…

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decorating valentine at home

Valentine is coming to town, ayayay! It’s February now, and lovers out there can’t wait to grab a handful of chocolate & flower bouquet. And a candle light dinner will beautifully wrap the day.

But what happen if you’re married, having child & cannot go outside because you cant leave the child alone? Well it happened to me back in 2005. I was almost a valday abuser then. Cant leave the day without celebrating. When it happened, I decided to bring the party inside. I always love crafting and a bit cooking, so I add my own touch to things I find inside the house, or kept since highschool hours (Yeess, I love collecting kawaii goods too :p). If it happens to you, hope what I did inspired you in a way or another 🙂

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hotpot kw1

Last Sunday we got stuck in BSM because the movie we oughta watch’s already running off the screen. Yea we thought Shrek4’s going to last a lil’ longer than just 3 weeks or so. Okay, no problemo..Big deal is if we had to find a healthy food to fit Anipchan’s bronchitis condition. No MSG, no fries, more & more veggies. Sounds pretty much anti-mall lunch, eh? So it takes about…

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marmer cake dadakan

Just rite after the show, he rushed to the kitchen, gathered some flour bag, sugar, eggs and stuff. He even brings out his favorite cake molding tools. Omg…..He wanted to bake a cake without even using a recipe! just like those amazing woman in TV Champion.

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the 60’s pancake

Anip-chan love pancake so much! he enjoy it with any dressings or even none, mostly with honey or sugar. I kinda admit that i rarely made one, but once i do, i made a bunch :p

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