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Home Session 001 Exhibition

Saturday should filled with glorious sunlight. But not that day. That Saturday April 20th, Bandung seems a little shy and hide behind thick rainy cloud. However, no matter how gloom that Saturday be, the three of us ain’t hesitate to move our foot into the next Bandung’s furniture heaven.

UNKL347, who has grown famous for their clothing line which started from a small surfing shop under the name 347 back in late 90’s, is now ready to boost into another playground. Under the sub-name Us & Kind of Life, they work into their fans other passion: their home. Using pine wood as their main attraction and of course, exceptional design. After successfully introduced their furniture line last year, UNKL347 now invite young designers to join them in Normal Form (Norrm)‘s first exhibition series called Home Session 001.

The exhibition itself run in UNKL347’s own warehouse at Gudang Selatan, famous military warehouse area. Walking through UNKL347 re-purposed gun storage which they claimed in 2004, is like walking into a whole new atmosphere. Though dark cloud and somewhat rocky ground outside, a warm welcoming atmosphere are everywhere to catch once we step inside. Exhibition area spread within front part of the warehouse, while back area served for foods and beverages.

When we first enter, we pass through the exhibition itself straight to the food stalls. Not that we’re not interested in furniture, but our stomach really knows how to act in such cold rainy day :p. Surprise surprise! Turns out House the House organizing their famous Keukeun Surprise Stove and bringing some of their favorite tenant along…What a treat!

Next on the exhibition, we were WOW-ed by the brilliant works from Meizan Nataadiningrat, Live With Bambi, Dina Arfadiani, Artes Living, Bierkko, Kandura Keramik, Normal Form and so many more. They resemble strong image of youth, freedom and comfort in their items. Me & Papadino can’t help but to adore some items & dreaming of taking ’em home 🙂

Back to the food haven where Papadino patiently queue-ing a plate of Lamb-chop & I-don’t-know-what-it’s-called donuts, me & Anipchan spend the rest of the night in cozy chat among our friends. Anipchan even make new friends and get to play skateboard with them *happy*

Overall, Home Session 001 successfully bringing out the comfort of home, the warmth of family and the edginess of today’s home-design. We were all walk out happy, full and inspired. Thank you so much for the wonderful date!

Food area

Free Sundanese Snacks

Keukeun Surprise Stove

Live music performance from Whiskey & Wine

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