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insomnia junkie

eeuwh … it’s almost five days in a row now… getting tired of  this insomnia-junkie and it usually leads to another complex mambo jambo, like how it gets me late to the meeting or make my eyes look like a 90 years-old granny, not to mention the spinning in my head. God, find me an insomnia cure … immediately !! heard that some treatment might fix, so I’ve tried to…

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A Fine Frenzy

(my first review …  xixixi) i kinda feel bitter lately so a gloomy and sad songs will definetely hip on my days.  And i discover one musician to adore. Her songs just fit perfect and the lyrics i love to read n sing along over n over again.It’s A Fine Frenzy’s atmosphere made by a 22 years-old Alison Sudol. Born in Seattle to dramatic-arts teacher parents, Alison moved to Los…

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