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Hello Wedding Mug

Last November my cousin Rahmi got married. She asked me to draw her an illustration fr her merchandise. So I made her two figures representing her & her fiancée. At first I’m afraid she’s not gonna like it. Turns out she likes it! Congratulation dear..hope you blissful new life 🙂

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Eid Mubarak!

Lebaran sebentar lagi…iyaa ga kerasa besok udah mau lebaran lagi. Alhamdulillah~ tahun ini masih bisa kumpul dgn keluarga lengkap!  Selamat idul fitri ya semua, mohon maaf lahir batin…semoga tahun2 depan ibadahnya makin poll, berkahnya makin menggunung. Amiin 🙂

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Cendekia Muda Assembly Merchandise

Following end of 2012 school-year, lotsa school in my neighborhood are preparing their final assembly. With only 2 months left on the row, I imagine how much hard works they throw into. I was there once, so I’m telling you..hectic is the new hip :p Anyway, one of well-known private school in my area also welcoming their big assembly. Following the big event, their committee asked me to make an illustration for its merchandise. Cendekia…

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