lhor-hoodie boots

Five years ago, I would def say no to this kinda shoes. Not that I don’t like it…mostly because I’m too shy to wear it here in Indonesia. But hey, there’s always a start for everything right? I choose the start on Feb. At the time I was browsing my outfit and thought nothing’s good enough to wear. Then my mind mumbling…why don’t add a touch of boots?? Boots always a push-up to every clothes. I would just wear a plain shirt with jeans and a boots will def make it stunning. So boots it is. But my feet can’t handle any shoes, so I decided to make one. The idea itself based on a tutorial I found on the net few months back. I forget the link, but you can find it under “sweater boots” keyword. Have fun :)


What we need to make this simple boots are: used fabric (hoodie & sweater make the best boots!), sewing kit, hot glue gun and a pair of flats. That’s it! simple simple :)

*ps. forgive the blurriness, I’m taking all pics using only my phone in night hours too. Bad Rena, bad!

lhor-hoodie boots

1. Any tutorial I found online using sweater as the main material. But I’m using hoodie instead. It’s easier to find and a lot easier to make. But downside is, hoodie doesn’t stretch as much as sweater do. I don’t mind though…First thing to do is cut both hoodie sleeves. We’re gonna use the upper part as the shoe bottom cover.

lhor-hoodie boots

2. Next, prepare your flats. Measure the height you desire, then try inserting your flat into the sleeve. To make your boots fit perfectly, try putting it on. Then pin your sleeve following your leg. Make sure to left extra 1/2 to 1 cm so your boot won’t be too tight.


lhor-hoodie boots

3. Trim the excess fabric. Then sew along your pins. Leave the bottom open because we will glue what’s left from the fabric to our flat’s body.

lhor-hoodie boots

4. Now let’s grab that glue gun and shoot those fabrics into the flats! It’s fun, really :p
Anyway, as seen in pic #3, you’ll have excess fabric from the sleeve at the bottom. Fold that excess inside (to between your flat & outer side of the boot), then glue it onto the flat’s body using glue gun. Make sure to dry up the glue before you do anything else to your boots.

diy hoodieboots

5. You can always do extra decor to your boots. I add two buttons which I found on my hoodie to my boots. Just trim the part where the buttons are, then attach it to the boots opening. You can never be too creative for your own creation, right :)

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