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 Hello, my name is Rena. Welcome to my little house 🙂
Although the house is small, but it kept almost everything a simple girl like me can possibly think of.
It includes stories, random thought, journals, my passion for craft, books & music, and of course…more stories :p


Rena’s house is one crowded house. Because so many friends living in. They are my most loveable pets, my own brother
(he’s been missing for months *d’oh), and my family (those are anipchan & papadino :p).
But as my house is always open for everyone, who knows there will be more to stay 😉
Lastly, hope you enjoy being in my house and have fun like we daily do..
We always welcome you to re-visit us again sometimes…
also being our lovely friends in Facebook & Instagram. See you~




Angie Renata, or simply called a girl now woman living in suburbs of Bandung Indonesia. Before Little House of Rena, she has too many random thoughts going on, and caring for too many spots inside the web. So one day, she wake up and decided to gather all that random things into one house. As the idea goes, she find more and more stuff to play with. By the end of the day, her little house comes into another playground & haven where she throw her ideas and works into. Outside Little House of Rena, she works as a copywriter/web designer/illustrator & crafter. She is also a renowned Supermama to her son, Anipchan & her husband whom she called Papadino.

                                                                                                 – Here also lives Rena’s Chara: –

owlie owlie


Owlie reminds Rena of her beautiful dream in one starry nite. That nite Rena was having her usual chocomilk before bed. Then suddenly, while after the bluish mist in her dream faded, there is this cute little hoot looking lonely. As rena is always a curious one, she approaches the hoot which then lead her to his house of tree. Rena was so fascinated that hoot turns out to be one happy bird. The little hoot would tell her stories, made her a cup of sparkling tea and help her go through the nite with smile. That is one beautiful dream, Rena. So that’s why, Owlie is one of Rena’s favorite. Go get Owlie make you smile too 🙂

miss lulu


Miss Lulu is the most complicated one. She always is a dedicated house bunny. She loves to cook, clean & take a good care of everyone. But her bunny nature always left her sometimes silly (or even naughty!). One day, Rena would find her swinging recklessly using just a tiny rope. Or there is also time when Rena finds her -usually graceful- bunny leading everyone to wreck the house! (Bad, bad bunny >_<). But no matter how silly Miss Lulu is, Rena loves her so much because when she’s not being silly, she is one cute loving bunny *smooch*
Would you love Miss Lulu like Rena does?

noble ninja            


Watch out! Don’t get too close to the yard, Noble Ninja is currently training. Yes, everyone please step back *aw!*
Wow, that’s close. So sorry for the inconvenience. Today is his training day. Noble Ninja has just arrived from Japan fairyland. We don’t know his real name (he’s such a mysterious one!), but he appointed himself a noble. So we call him Noble Ninja. He’s always been so gentle anyway, sometimes we laugh at him because we can’t believe such a gentleman would ever use his deadly ninjutsu. Miss Lulu would love to tease him & Rena glad he is around as she consider him her house guard *giggles*
Nevertheless, he would make one wonderful friend & will surely do the best to make you safe. Zutto!



Hello friends, Rena is very happy today as her little brother is coming back! This is worth celebrating, no?
Robin is a brave kid, he loves adventure as much as pirate does. Robin is very good with riddle & puzzle stuff he could easily get lost in one of them. Like the day he’s gone, he was following cues from one adventurous ship. As the puzzle got harder, the more exited Robin get. He doesnt realize the ship has taken him for months (Rena is veeery sad *sob*). But now he came back, even with lot of stuff he brought from the ship! (including one sad-looking Panda, why is he so sad? hmm..)

pippa panda    


Hi everyone, how are you today? Hope you’re not so gloomy as Pippa does. Pippa here misses his mate so much as Pippa were stolen accidentally transported in a ship from dinoland. He loves eating bamboo. I mean rrreeaaally loves eating bamboo that Rena no bamboo field were shortly gone! Rena has been looking for a way to make the gloomy panda happy. But a bunch of bamboo and one crowded house doesnt seem enough. Pippa needs a hug from a friend who really care. Could that be you?



Okay, thats a wrap! Now lets move to the living room, Owlie always brew the best sparkling tea & he serves well too
Besides, everybody keep asking why they should wear a crown *chuckles*. lets leave them be 🙂