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2013 resolution

So I came across my own post back in 2009. Nope, not here…I posted it on tumblr instead. Yea..I used to hang-out there a lot. Especially when all I wanna do is write a little, smile a little, or share my tears a little.

Anyway, why I feel I need to share the post is this: The post is about my 2010 resolution as I was facing end of December 2009. Funny is, I think I’m still gonna write the exact same resolution for 2013. Silly me ^^

2010 resolution on my tumblr

heiya, we’re counting days to pass the year. Year of many stories, many moving steps. so what is your resolution for 2010?

as for me, think i’ll be busy tying some ropes i let loose at the end of the year ^^

then after that, maybe i’ll start doing what i do best again. planning on my home-based bus-niz haha. actually i’ve been planning on this since i dunno when. but hellyea my buncha assignments along with lil’ family tis n tat kinda blur it away. i’d be lying if i ain’t sorry for that tho. some plans are made purrfect and are ready to execute but pushed to leave behind due to out-of-date term.

aside than being pushed away. you know my worst habit is to put everything behind once it is written. means i love planning but that’s just about it. my plan has rarely went forward to execution. i am a playful dreamer you see. if beneath the blue skies reside fairyland, i might jump to it instantly.

like planning things, as perfect as it can, is my playground. mine has gone as far as fabric and photography detalis go. hey it’s all in my sketch!

now let’s play with this plan here. what do i got? a piece of fabric, some clothes or what? i like to make things not glitter, no glamor, but fun. lotta colors and all the doodle stuff. maybe there is there. and i’d love to pour some fairy dust, just to let it glow…

olraite then, this is def going to be my resolution for 2010. ganbatte!


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